Carbon Fibre Classicals

Since 2020, I have been developing classical guitar models using substantial amounts of carbon fibre in the back, sides and top. 

I can currently offer classical guitars with black carbon fibre back and sides, with my more traditional lattice braced wood top (in cedar or spruce). 

In 2022, I began working on a concept guitar using a carbon fibre double-top, with considerable success.  I have since moved into the prototype stage for this new design, and have incorporated colour into my back and sides.  With a few more tweaks to the design, I'm confident that I'll be able to offer a carbon fiber double-top guitar by the end of 2023.

Carbon Fibre/Cedar (0041) - sold
  • Carbon Fibre body and headplate

  • Western red cedar top

  • Sapele neck

  • ​650mm scale

  • Black walnut bridge

  • Floating saddle block

  • ​Celtic weave 3D rosette

  • Rocklite Ebano fretboard

  • ​​20 frets, full width

Prototype CF Doubletop (0046)
  • Not yet for sale...

  • Carbon fibre back, sides, and headplate

  • Carbon fibre/Nomex/Redwood double top

  • Balsa/carbon fibre anisotropic lattice bracing

  • Elevated Sapele bolt on/off neck with truss rod

  • Radiused Richlite fretboard, 650mm scale

  • 20 frets, full width

  • Carbon fibre reinforced heel and headstock

  • Pau Ferro bridge, string hole reinforcement

  • Fully compensated nut and floating saddle

  • Celtic weave 3D rosette

  • Rocklite Ebano bindings

  • Carbon fibre forearm rest and sideport cover

  • Schertler tuners (matte black with ebony