Repairs, Adjustments, and Upgrades

​Repairing or improving someone's cherished guitar is very satisfying. In 2020 alone I worked on a 100-year old parlour guitar and three 50-year old classical guitars, let alone numerous newer instruments. While having your guitar repaired by the original luthier should be preferable, it's not always practical. Shipping guitars is costly and - as you can see in the photo below - somewhat risky.

  • Action height

  • Buzz diagnosis and correction

  • Fret leveling

  • Tuner cleaning, lubrication and adjustment

  • Bridge replacement

  • Broken saddle/nut replacement

  • Top, back and side crack stabilization

  • Broken heel repairs

  • Binding replacement

  • Intonation adjustment

  • Armrest installation

  • Tuner replacement

  • Sound port installation